Shopkeep iPad POS System
Shopkeep iPad POS System
Shopkeep iPad POS System

Shopkeep iPad POS System

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ShopKeep is a comprehensive iPad multi-feature POS tool that is designed for bars, restaurants, retail business, franchises, and other quick-serve businesses. This cloud-based service has tons of capabilities that help the user to manage booking, registrations, marketing, staff, inventory, and marketing in an easy and inexpensive way. On top of that, it is designed with a user-friendly and intuitive interface, and deployed within minutes.

With the touch screen interface, ShopKeep stands out as a fast and reliable software that makes it easy for users to effectively run their business. ShopKeep has won the hearts of many retailers thanks to its capability to go beyond sale processing thereby saving time and boosting sales.

Overview of ShopKeep Features

  • Payment processing
  • Inventory management
  • Staff management
  • Customer marketing
  • Reporting and analytic
  • Integration and add-ons
  • Transaction satisfaction
  • Painless payments
  • Register harmony
  • Seamless changeovers