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If you run a business that handles credit card transactions, you’re likely already familiar with merchant fees that standard credit card processing services tack on. When you’re dealing with narrow profit margins, these fees can hurt — especially when they range as high as 7 percent in some cases. However, it doesn’t have to be this way: Global Payment Source can help eliminate your credit card processing fees altogether, allowing you to accept more forms of credit card payment (to include international transactions), which translates into more revenue for your bottom line.

When you elect to use our services, your customers will receive a flat-rate 4 percent service charge — for example, if they’d made a $50 purchase, their total would amount to $52 with the fee included. That way, you’ll never have to watch your profits eroded by ever-increasing merchant fees. If this sounds like the solution to your credit card processing concerns, give us a call today at 888-885-4375 to learn more. It’s a simple answer that will translate to more online sales profits flowing to you.

Put our experience to work for you and save money
Global Payment Source vs Other processors

Extensive Industry Experience
Over 4 Billion/yr in Credit Card Sales Processed
Over 14,000 Merchants Currently Processing with us
EBT Enabled
100% Compliant

other processors

Charge customers fees as high as 49%
Do Not Offer Next Day Funding
Merchants have to wait 3 days or longer for money
All created in 2016 (no history)
Third Party Service
Does not show business name on customer credit card statement

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